Client Testimonials


When I first heard about hypnosis I was skeptical, but very willing to give it a shot. Robert Carlson was excellent with answering all of my questions and explaining the different aspects of hypnosis and how it works. He walked me through the steps on induction to bring my subconscious to the same level as my conscious and made me feel comfortable and in good hands. He used the ideas I had given him in a prior interview to plant into my subconscious. That very night I was enjoying vegetables I could not ever stand before. The effects of the hypnosis were very powerful and he even taught me how to hypnotize myself so I practice reinforcement at home. Overall Robert is not only professional, but he is flexible, accommodating and I feel he has changed my life for the better! I would recommend him to anyone looking to lose weight and/or just eat healthy!”


I’ve been a smoker for 15 years and typically smoking one pack per day. After three hypnotherapy sessions with Rob Carlson, I’m now down to smoking just under a pack per week. In the past, I’ve tried many other methods to quit but had no success; with that said, I’m extremely happy with the progress I am making thus far and am very confident that I will soon be completely tobacco free. I also look forward to further hypnotherapy sessions with Rob for other areas in which I would like to see change.”


I am a retired Marine Veteran that has been faced with numerous physical and emotional challenges over the years, as many of military personnel are.  But I have never faced the challenges that I recently did when my wife walked out of our marriage and left me to pick up the pieces.  I was devastated.  I blamed myself for her affairs, felt anxiety, jealousy, hurt, and pain beyond anything I have ever imagined.  She was the love of my life.  I was sinking quickly.  I could not figure out why anyone so mentally and physically rugged as myself could not deal with something like this, but it would not go away.  I read a book on my IPAD from the iclassics collection on hypnosis.  I was willing to try anything even though I had never believed in hypnosis before.  To my surprise, I was able to reach a mild state of relaxation on my own and thought that if I could do this on my own; imagine what a professional could do.  I am now on my 7th session with Rob Carlson and am on the road to recovery…..and at least coping with and dealing with the problems at hand.  Hypnosis will be a part of my life, everyday, for the rest of my life.  Some may look at it as meditation.  Look at it anyway you want.  I see what it is doing for me and how it has enabled me to take control of my feelings, hurt, anger, and life again.  In some ways, I owe Rob my life as I do so many other brothers and sisters in the armed forces, specifically the Marine Corps.  Thank you Rob.”


My problem was fairly simple and straight forward.  I was fighting a compulsion to eat chocolate and losing.  It was sabotaging all of my efforts to control my weight.  My only knowledge or experience with Hypnosis was that I knew someone that quit smoking using just hypnosis over a few sessions.  This was someone who smoked for over 40 years.  I had 3 sessions with Robert Carlson, and after the first session I ceased eating chocolate and have not had any for more than two months.  More importantly I have lost all desire, and am not fighting the urge.  I can be around it; I can be with others who are having dessert. With the holidays, the sweets in the office I work in have been on over drive.  Just this last week someone brought in a 2 pound 8 ounce box of premium chocolate.  This was the first time I came into contact with chocolate and I could smell it.  Using the technique Robert taught me I was actually repulsed by the smell.  Thank you Robert for curing a lifelong eating disorder.”


My experience at Hypnosis La Jolla has been very positive. I had both low self esteem and low confidence and was frustrated that I could not pull myself out of these feelings. After my initial hypnosis session I felt more invigorated and uplifted than I had in months. I felt better about myself and my future. Robert Carlson has helped me tremendously in this transformation and I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone experiencing similar symptoms.”


Over the years I have subjected myself to many, many diets: from grapefruit and eggs to chocolate protein shakes to fasting. I am a superior dieter. I’ve lost anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds on every diet I have tried. Dieting though was a grueling exercise I had to subject myself to periodically in order to compensate for the appallingly destructive eating habits of the rest of my life. What you brought through hypnosis, so conveniently, every week Rob was the learning, insight and support I needed to develop a healthy lifestyle. I know it’s rather dramatic to make the sweeping statement that you have changed my life. But you really have made a profound difference in the way I view my body, eating and nutrition. Now a healthy diet is something I do gladly FOR myself and I can forget the days of torturous self-control followed by abandoned binging.”


I was stressed out, couldn’t sleep and wore a permanent frown. I decided to try hypnosis as a last resort, and made an appointment with Rob Carlson. Hypnosis worked! I felt great after the first visit and I am feeling even better with each appointment. I’ve been going weekly for two months now and I am sleeping much better. My husband and my co-workers have noticed the difference. They all say I seem more relaxed, happy and even fun to be with. Thank you Rob for giving me a way back to the old me!”


I decided to see Rob Carlson because of a life-long nail biting habit and because I had toyed with the idea of seeing a hypnotist for a couple of years. Rob spent a lot of the initial time going over the process he was going to use and answering my questions fully, all of which put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence to focus on the actual hypnosis process rather than endless mind games. His goal was not just to practice hypnosis, but rather to give me the tools to do self-hypnosis. So far, the sessions I had with Rob and the tools he gave me are working, so I feel very comfortable writing this testimonial for Rob.”


I have suffered from a horrible phobia of needles as long as I can remember–mostly the result of a terrible childhood experience–and had nearly given up on ever getting over it. The phobia has kept me away from regular doctors appointments, routine procedures such as blood work, and even foreign trips for the fear of having to get vaccinations. It has even been a part of my family planning as I have equated pregnancy with having to have nine months of bloodwork and needles and hense avoiding it. I can honestly say it has dictated and controlled my life. An unforseen medical condition that requires several needles finally pushed me to take action against this phobia and I went to my first hypnosis session with a good dose of doubt and skeptism. After five sessions I can honestly say hypnosis at Hypnosis La Jolla has changed my life and my view of my fear. Am I 100% cured, no, I don’t think a lifetime phobia can disappear overnight but I have the skills and knowledge to control and live with my childish fear. I have faced “the needle” 4 times now since I started my sessions and every time I have gone in I have been more in control and more relaxed than the time before. I can say I am now only 30% scared when I sit in the nurses room with the needle facing me instead of 150% hysterical. To me, that is a huge improvement, and I can not thank Rob Carlson enough. He has truly changed my life by helping me conquer this ridiculous fear. I can assure any skeptic that this does and will work. My mother and husband have both been shocked by my success and everyones only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! Thank you so very much Rob!”