Hypotherapy Services


Weight Management

As a complement to an existing weight loss program of your choosing, or as a singular method, hypnosis will help you regain the drive, motivation and conditions to achieve your goal weight.

Healthful Eating

Whether one wants to lose weight or not, oftentimes it’s difficult to maintain healthful eating habits. Hypnosis can create the mindset necessary to keep one on track to eating foods which are essential for physical and mental well-being.

Stress and Anxiety

Whether stress is brought on by conditions at work, traumatic life experiences, or other situations, hypnosis will dramatically lower feelings of anxiety and stress.

Panic/Anxiety Attacks

Panic and anxiety attacks can sometimes be debilitating. Hypnosis can help to unlock the underlying causes and create new thoughts and imagery to prevent attacks.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can ebb and flow throughout our lives, and sometimes the ebbs can seem insurmountable. Hypnosis can break through these challenging times and make the critical difference in the ability to achieve one’s goals.


Fears can be related to stress, anxiety or lack of self-confidence, but they can also be seen in relative isolation. No matter what the fear, hypnosis can be used to understand the root cause and take steps to alleviate the issue.  Examples:  flying, dental procedures, heights, needles, public speaking, insects, confined spaces, or any other fears.

Sleep Disorders

The inability to sleep can be rooted in an earlier life experience or simply stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can be used to determine the underlying cause and alleviate it’s effects.


Hypnosis can break the cycle of dependence on tobacco through the creation of healthful pathways of thought.

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues may revolve around the inability to effectively communicate and/ or resolve problems with spouse, family or friends. These issues may be related to underlying causes which can be addressed through hypnosis.

Pain Management

Pain can come in many forms and affect us in a number of ways.  Whether it be pain from headaches, migraines or generalized chronic pain, hypnosis is effective at alleviating the suffering.

Lack of Concentration or Focus

Lack of focus can prevent one from achieving goals. Hypnosis can help one to become more organized in thought, planning and the ability to complete tasks and projects.

Improving Sports or Academic Performance

One’s ability to perform at a high level in sports and academics depends upon a keen mental focus (being in the zone). Through hypnosis one can learn how to focus attention and optimize one’s physical and mental abilities.

Improving Job Interviewing and Confidence Skills

With the increased competitiveness in the job market, one must ensure that one positions themselves in interviews in the best light possible. Hypnosis can boost one’s confidence level and skills in ways that can make the difference between having a good interview and having a stellar one – which then may make the difference in securing a job offer.

Hypnotherapy can also be used for many other issues and applications. At Hypnosis La Jolla we determine the course and methods of hypnotherapy based upon each individuals unique set of issues and circumstances.

At Hypnosis La Jolla we also offer 2 to 3 hour workshops (for groups) in several subjects including;

  • Basics of Hypnosis
  • Weight Control and Healthful Eating Habits
  • Stress and Anxiety Management