Q and A’s


Why should I choose hypnosis to deal with my issue and symptoms?

Whether you would like to lose weight, overcome a fear, become more confident, reduce anxiety, quit smoking, etc. there are a number of ways to tackle these issues. Hypnosis is one way which has been proven to help individuals overcome these challenges and many other issues by changing negative ways of thinking into positive ways of thinking. While not a panacea, hypnosis can be used in conjunction with other methods, or as a sole method of therapy. The benefit of Hypnotherapy is that it is a means to provide positive and impactful results to many of life’s everyday challenges.

How does hypnosis actually create positive changes in my life?

The implantation of positive suggestions into the unconscious mind is the ultimate benefit of hypnosis. These suggestions then become “second-nature” and override critical thoughts, leading to more positive self-imagery, and self-empowerment in overcoming issues which adversely affect daily life.

How does it feel being hypnotized?

Whether we realize it or not we all experience hypnosis-like states – when we become absorbed in tasks, intensely watch movies, daydream, “get in the zone” when playing sports, or any number of other occurrences. It’s times like these when our minds become very focused, and often very relaxed. Hypnosis produces a very focused feeling similar to this.

How many hypnosis sessions will it take to address my specific issue?

Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and manifestation of symptoms. Some issues and symptoms can be alleviated in a matter of a couple of sessions while others may require several sessions, depending upon their complexity and severity.

What can I expect to happen in a Hypnotherapy session?

A first session will typically last up to 2 hours. We’ll discuss your situation, the issues you are facing and the adverse symptoms you wish to alleviate. During this time I will gather information, which will then help me determine the best course of hypnotherapy. I’ll then ask you to relax in a comfortable chair and guide you into hypnosis.

Strictly speaking all hypnosis is self-hypnosis – therefore my role as the hypnotist is to act as the facilitator or coach who will guide you into hypnosis through – quite simply – carefully selected words and phrases. In this entire process you will be alert, will fully hear and understand everything that I am saying, and will have the full faculties and capability to come out of hypnosis when you wish. This sometimes puzzles those unfamiliar with hypnosis, because of the common misconception that a hypnotist wields some unusual power over the individual being hypnotized. This simply is not true. In addition, no one under hypnosis will do anything which violates their own moral code, and a hypnotist cannot hypnotize someone who does not wish to be hypnotized.